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Esra Ekingen

Hello there! My name is Esra, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you as a certified Turkish teacher with six years of teaching experience. Teaching Turkish is not just a profession for me; it’s my passion and an integral part of who I am.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with students of all ages, from young learners to adults. Each individual brings a unique set of needs and goals, and I take great pride in tailoring my courses to meet those specific requirements. Whether you are a beginner eager to grasp the basics or an advanced learner seeking to refine your language skills, I am here to customize my courses and ensure an engaging and effective learning experience.

One aspect that sets me apart is my focus on speaking skills. I firmly believe that speaking fluently and confidently is essential in truly mastering a language. That’s why I offer specialized speaking courses designed to help you develop your conversational Turkish skills. Through interactive exercises, engaging discussions, and real-life scenarios, I will guide you towards gaining the confidence to express yourself effortlessly in Turkish.

In addition to speaking courses, I also offer TÖMER courses, which are specifically tailored to prepare students for the official TÖMER exams. These exams are crucial for individuals who require certification for academic or professional purposes. With my comprehensive understanding of the exam format and requirements, I will equip you with the necessary skills and strategies to excel in your TÖMER exams.

My teaching philosophy centers around personalized education. I firmly believe that each student has their own unique learning style, strengths, and areas for improvement. By assessing your current level and understanding your specific objectives, I will customize the courses accordingly, ensuring that you receive targeted instruction that optimizes your learning potential.

As your Turkish teacher, I am committed to creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. I will provide you with constructive feedback, useful resources, and practical examples to facilitate your language acquisition journey. With patience, dedication, and a student-centered approach, I am confident that together we can achieve your language goals.

So, if you are ready to embark on an exciting adventure of learning Turkish, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s explore the beauty of the Turkish language together and unlock the doors to new opportunities and cultural connections. I can’t wait to meet you and embark on this enriching language journey together!

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